Borealis Astronomical Association

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The Borealis Astronomical Association is a non-profit organisation created by amateur astronomers.

Its main goals are the popularisation of astronomy, education and raising public awareness about astronomy related issues, and last but not least to share the passion of astronomy under the beauty of the night sky.

As such, it is an open organisation, addressing the general public, with transparent management and operating in the manners of an astronomical club.

Oficially founded in 2010, it is the first and the largest astronomical association in Cluj-Napoca.


The ideea for the formation of an astrnomical club came in 2008, when two passionate amateur astronomers Cilian Andres and Marian Niculescu, then members of SARM (Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy), decided to organise Astronomy Day. Also in that year, István Mátis, who had the privelege to frequent the MCSE (the Hungarian Astronomical Association), moved by the organisations example, decided to create an astronomy club in his home city, thus joining the crew.

Since then, several such events and manifestations were performed by the astronomy enthusiasts, which came to join, more and more with every event organised.



While the Borealis Astornomical Association is a relatively young organisation, since its beginnings it organised and participated in several events.

Yearly we organise the International Day of Astronomy, during which all astronomers gather together in a public square of the city, to show to the public, the never before seen beauties of the sky, to raise awareness about light pollution.

100 hours for astronomy, 2009, Cluj

In 2009, being the International year of astronomy, we were particularly active: we were international partners organising the events "100 hours for astronomy" in spring, and "Galilean nights" in autumn.

We also collaborated with local educational institutions, schools, universities, took part on different exhibitions and contests.

Part of our yearly programme is also an astronomy camp, where people can meet and share their experiences.

For our members, we periodically organise stargazing outings, star-parties, where we can watch the sky undisturbed by light pollution and test our instruments to the limit, be they at ad-hoc outings in the outskirts of the city, or longer, farther expeditions in the wilderness.

Left: Marian Niculescu presents to the public the sky; Right: Cilian Andres, with his telescope; Closer to the Stars exhibition, Ethnographic Museum, Cluj-Napoca, 2009



The association, as it did since its beginnings, is continuing to focus on making astronomy accessible for everyone, to uphold its reputation as a valid scientific activity and to make it a worthwhile hobby to follow.

We are also consciuous that we are part of a global movement, regarding astronomy, and think that the key for reaching our objectives is the cooperation between astronomy organisations. Like we also did in the past, in the future we want to, and would like to collaborate with other organisations, sharing our goals, be it at a local, national or international level.



Finally, no matter how we will meet in the future,

the Borealis Astronomical Association wishes you a clear sky!